Veto feature, yes or no?

  • Yes bring Veto Back
  • No don’t bring Veto Back

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Veto or map/mode voting, either would be great.

I think thats part of the frustration with challenges at the moment, as you have very little control over what you get to actually work towards.

It’d help cut down on the conspiracy theories that 343 rigs it to avoid the mode you need for your challenges.

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I personally want it back, but the downside is that maps will effectively go out of circulation once they become sufficiently unpopular

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As much as I would like to vote/veto on the next game type, map, etc. If I think back to the previous Halos that had this feature, the thing I remember most was that I usually ended up playing what everyone else wanted more than what I actually wanted to play.

I would see a map or game type I liked, and it would only get two or three votes while everyone else would select the played out map that gets picked every match usually in Slayer too. This same stuff happened in GTA5’s voting system and a handful of other games as well.

If they brought veto or voting back, it would have to be heavily refined but 343’s new vision for Halo is to limit the player’s overall choice, so I doubt we will ever see this return.


Veto is better than voting and you’ve gotta take a chance on what you get next. Voting eliminates certain maps and gametypes whereas with vetoing there’s a chance for anything to be played.

Yes please. Would let us pick the new maps when they come.

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no thank you. veto is better than voting, but both only lead to elongated times to get into matches and to the same maps/gametypes being played over and over again. it might give the illusion of choice, but in reality it is only very limiting (as already seen in reach, 4 and the early MCC days)


Tbh, Idk about veto.

I liked it back when, but I was more picky then. Nowadays I just want an even mix of everything. And, knowing the players here, veto power would result in never playing certain less-liked maps or gametypes again (which, to me, would be catastrophic).

This, for sure. Veto power just results in less variety, I think. So, idk. I probably wouldn’t care either way.

Match Composer though, I’m all in.