Very Skilled Player Needed For Doubles 50

Hey, everybody.

I’m looking for a highly-skilled fellow Halo 4 player to help me grind out my 50 in Team Doubles.

I’m currently a 36, and my regular partner (I hate to say this) isn’t good enough to help me achieve that, I need somebody consistently good.

(My K/D is 3.05, so yes, I hold my own)

Make sure any partner you find doesn’t run into the same problem with you, of course.

Oh your the guy we just matched being abusive in the lobby. Good luck finding your doubles partner. Sure they won’t appreciate it either when you back out because your losing.

Theres no need for your pathetic insults in halo 4

You’re boy Red Siam exposing on the Waypoint forums :open_mouth: !

shots fired ^^^^

but anyway tyssonn hit me up. i run a clan called HoW and we have damn good players that can help. Killas 07 is a great dubs player. im a 40 or so so i can hold my own as well in tough games as long as i have a good partner who communicates.


3.5 kd? Harvesting those easy kills in BTB I see. Trololololol