VERY serious visual bug in Halo Reach (Xbox Series X)

As a new user I guess I can’t post a video or image of the bug, but it’s unacceptable. Gigantic white flashing polygons and shapes which could trigger epilepsy happen constantly, on all maps and in all modes for Halo Reach. This bug did NOT exist before Season 8 so I really hope it get’s stamped out ASAP.


Yep. I’m surprised it’s gone on as long as it already has. I think it’s a major contribution to why my Xbox crashes now while playing Reach multiplayer.

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Likely known at this point.

Issue is known about, any bugs you encounter should be sent to HaloSupport via waypoint - posting on the forums doesn’t get the information to the devs for them to sort a fix.

I’ve sent a ticket a while back when Season 8 launched. I’ve had a back and forth with the HaloSupport team, they’re definitely aware of the issue, just getting a fix available takes some time.

For reporting bugs or issues, we recommend heading over to for further assistance. Please review the latest known issues and submit a ticket if your issue is not listed.


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