Very Odd Glitch

So i was playing Spartan Ops today just getting some headshots in the Galileo mission and all that when all of the sudden one of my anonymous team-mates started staring at the ground, i went to investigate and oh the horror i saw, it was a elite’s hand stuck in the floor, the hand was holding his weapon and moving around, he was also shooting us.

The next thing that happened is that me and my comrades were in an all out war against these intruders, there were elite hands, grunt hands, jackal hands you name it! Well, i don’t recall jackal hands but you know.

They were tough too, we were playing on heroic of course and you’d think that being a sentient hand would make combat slightly trickier but jokes on us because they were just like regular enemies except you know much smaller.

So eventually we won the firefight against those dastardly hands and crimson team rejoiced at their victory. The mission ended and guess what i found out? Spartan ops games don’t turn up in the theater.

I have no way to prove that all of this actually happened so you’re gonna have to take my word for it.

They aren’t hands, they’re tiny models.