Very low FPS, Stability problems and some others

On low settings 720p i can’t even get or hold 60 fps, the game also crashes every time i finish a match almost making it not possible to really earn anything since my rewards get thrown away.

This is with the latest AMD drivers they recommended for us to update to.
System specs :
Windows 10 64-bit
Ryzen 3700x
AMD RX 580 8GB
16 GB DDR4 RAM @ 3000 Mhz
Game’s installed on a Samsung QVO 1TB SSD

It’s making it hard to judge if the aiming feels bad due to just frame rate issues or if the game’s core aiming feel has something off with it. It doesn’t help every time i relaunch the game half my settings don’t get saved such as FOV.

Some other issues i spotted :

  • If you decide to change the UI’s position your aim reticle will be missing.
    -Game fails to connect players during a match that’s in progress resulting in this (screenshot :
    -Not sure if there’s simply no EU servers or if the matchmaking fails to connect you to one but i always end up in NA servers which leads to a fair bit of lag and delay issues
    -Hitbox problems ? I can’t tell if it’s the latency problem due to it being a NA server or hitbox issues in general but a fair share of times its showing me hits landing but just not doing anything even on standing targets i noticed it sometimes. So kinda hard to judge due to latency as to if it’s a problem or not.

I would recommend looking through this article, and possibly submitting a ticket for the issues you are experiencing! As the game is still in pre launch stages, I am sure that 343 will be working valiantly to get us as close as possible to a smooth launch. Submitting tickets can greatly help their testing.

Hope this helps, happy hunting!