Very Dumb Question about Casual Playlists

Okay so we all know that all “unranked” playlists in this game are actually secretly ranked.

It USED to be that if someone attained a new all-time high CSR in an UNRANKED playlist, that would actually show in their Waypoint service record. An example being, I just looked at a player’s service record who’s all time high CSR is Onyx in Rumble Rockets.

Did they change that at some point, however? And just let the people who already had it stay grandfathered in?

I’m asking because I am, by my own admission, an awful player, and have an all time high CSR of Gold stupid 1. I’ve been playing Rumble Rockets this week though and got my hopes up that I might be heading for a new high CSR because I was playing against a lot of players ranked Platinum and higher in ranked playlists (even some Onyx), finishing in the upper half of the field and having a positive K/D in almost every game. After playing 10 games, though, nothing’s changed in my service record.

I know I have no right to be disappointed because nothing was ever promised, I know it’s technically still a casual playlist and the hidden rankings really aren’t supposed to be shown ever. But I was just a bit surprised because that’s always the way it’s worked in the past regardless. There’s no way I’m only a Gold 1 or lower for my “secret” ranking in Rumble Rockets after this week. Or, if I am, the “secret” ranking system is just as broken and screwed up as the visible one.


rotational playlists used to have a visible rank…thats probably what you saw…they wont display the hidden rank…and i would wager that the playlist probably doesnt have a high enough population to have proper skill matching

Gotcha. Ok thanks for replying, appreciate it.