Version 2 of my theater manager is available: Greater Ark

A year ago I threw together a theater manager called The Ark to get around the 12-file limit 343i introduced with MCC.
It was originally only intended to store films and that was it, but it quickly became more than that and if I wanted to add anything at all to it I needed to rewrite the entire thing, which I have now done.

Greater Ark is the successor to The Ark, it does everything The Ark did but way better across the board and with a lot more features and nicer UI.


  • Automatic backup of theater and carnage files
  • Translates the gibberish of theater names to more easily manage them
  • Neatly organizes all files based on year, date and time
  • Pairs carnage files with theater files to show the detailed stats of that round
  • Sound notifications when thigns go right and wrong (customizable sounds)
  • Multithreading (new feature in Greater Ark, X times faster than The Ark, depending on your thread count)
  • Update checker (new feature in Greater Ark, simply checks the gitlab repo for new releases)
    And more.

If you’re skeptical about the updater or anything else, the source code is also available so you can go through it and compile it yourself.
Virustotal will get a couple false positives, but that happens with most programs. Again, code is available.

I tagged the post as “modding”, but it’s not a mod. You can have it running in the background and play matchmaking no problem. It was just the closest related tag.

Can’t upload a screenshot of it because I’m too new apparently (only had this account for 12 years, but ok 343), but hopefully I can still link the project.

Gitlab link:


this is amazing! thank you for sharing

SO anti cheat disabled or no? Cuz if not this would be neat

Anti cheat isn’t a problem since Ark never interacts with the game itself at all, it just backs up theater and carnage files from the AppData directory.

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Sounds cool! People like you who use their skills to create stuff for the community for free are awesome.