Vermilion Bird looking for recruits! All accepted!

Name: Vermilion Bird
Contact: BlearBridge5868
Clan Mission: Our mission is to make a good day, into a great day. Our group is here to play, laugh, and just hang out together. We are an involved Company tied in with various others. We may be small at the moment, but with your help I know we can become something greater. As of right now, ranks mean nothing to me. All I’m concerned with is making friends and getting this guild up and running.
All are accepted!

Here are some rules that must be kept:

*1.*Insulting: I understand that some of us say things before we think. So if you’re PMing a member, just be sure to look over what you type before you send it. We wouldn’t want to hurt a fellow member. We’re here to look OUT for each other, not look DOWN on each other.

2. Betrayals: I know accidents happen. But we both know that when betrayals are done repeatedly, it gets a bit irritating. If it happens continuously, don’t be afraid to contact me. I’ll do my best to handle the situation fairly. If that trigger finger happens to jump as a member peers around the corner, there’s nothing to worry about. Just make sure that you let him/her know that it was all just a mistake. I’m sure they’ll understand. ^^ Just know that if members are continuously coming to me and saying that your betrayals are getting out of hand, I’ll give you a few warnings. But if you don’t heed my warnings, I’m afraid I’ll have no other choice but to boot you from the team. So please, respect your fellow comrades, and watch that trigger finger! ^<

3. Crude Humor: This is a Clean Company. I don’t allow crude humor in my company. It can get rather offensive. So please refrain from any crude humor.

  1. Be A Good Sport**:** *It can get extremely upsetting when you get death after death after death after death. Or when it pairs you up with opponents way above your skill level. But please, take my advise. If you stay calm, and don’t throw your controller across the room. Your whole game can be turned around! You can do some pretty crazy things when your in a good mode on Halo. And as a bonus! Your controller will stay in working condition! How great is that!!*5. Have Fun: This is my toughest rule of all so be sure to prepare yourself.

All Are Welcome!!
Thanks for reading this! See ya real soon! ^_<