Venator RPTR (raptor) armor, NEED HELP PLEASE

I just became the master at the backstab commedation and i didn’t get the Venator RPTR armor, so what’s going on

I have the Halo 4 official game guide and it says that i can get the Venator RPTR armor by becoming a master at the backstab commedation, and i didn’t get it

If anyone reads this, please help me

Raptor skin is a pre-order bonus at Best Buy. You only get the Venator armor for completing the Assassination commendation.

I also have that guide - it’s wrong.

For some reason they decided to change it. It’s only available as a pre-order DLC code now, not via the Backstab commendation:

Thats a misprint. The Assassination Commendation from War Games Commendations gives you the standard Venator armor. The Venator RPTR is only available through Best Buy pre-order. Backstab only gives XP

thanks for trying to help me

if i would have known about that, i wouldn’t have gotten all excited to work really hard to get it