Vehicules and Spartan's abilities

Does someone have any idea if in Halo 5 the way of abording vehicules will change?
Because with all the new spartans abilities it will be very easy to car jack an ennemie => Dash + jump + ground pound and by the tank?!

Will the vehicules become useless or will 343i change the way of abording combat between spartans by foot and spartans in vehicules?

In reality, they probably won’t change it at all. It’ll be up to the driver to learn how to avoid getting hijacked by Spartans utilizing their abilities. I can see it getting very annoying at times, but I don’t think it will make vehicles useless or anything that extreme.

Maybe you’re right, but I would be great to change this part of the gameplay, by adding new stuff.
Why not being able to defend yourself during an abord, or something else.

I think 343i is going to give the vehicles there own much needed buff to counter the mobility options of the Spartans on foot. Its almost a necessity at this point seeing what HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED did to those poor Banshees