Vehicles of Halo 4, Balance needed !

Dear 343,
Could you please increase the damage in which the vehicles can take in multiplayer, because it is frustrating in how easy it is to destroy them, except the mantis the only thing on that should be the stomp should be stronger. But the vehicles in Halo 4 (Except the Mantis) I think are to weak such as the banshee can be shot down so quickly and the scorpions.
I’m not sure if you can still adjust the damage they can take but if you could please try to balance out the vehicles maybe to make them similar to Halo Reach’s.
I will put on a poll to see others opinion on if they believe the vehicles should be upgraded.

get rid of the plasma pistol as a loadout too jeez i always get EMP locked.

Also I think it would be a better Idea if there was guns placed around the map like previous games, it adds more towards the Halo idea of map control such as controlling weapon spwans etc. Rather than have power weapons placed randomly to spawn on the map.
Such as the needler, spartan laser, shotguns etc. I know some of them spawn at certain points like the sniper in Ragnork (however it is spelt) but their should be guns placed on areas such as Brs placed in bases etc.Similar to previous games, But The random spawning of power weapons should also be kept to create a more unique experince as this will mix how the game is played as a team being dominated can have a chance of a comeback.