Vehicles Need to be Buffed Against AT!

With all the AT aspects of this game, the vehicles in this game NEED more protection. I feel safer on foot than in the Mantis

DMRs and BRs are too effective against vehicles. Three guys with DMRs against your Mantis? By the time you kill them if they are a distance away, your gonna be smoking or worse. I think its a 8 shot shield drop? Precision weapons destroy the Banshee and Ghost too. I even got killed in a Wraith by a Sniper Rifle

You can now spawn with Plasma Pistols, so if you carry it, never fear anything but a Banshee again, and even then you have a DMR for those.

Plasma Grenades-Spawn with these too. Why get in a warthog when everyone will just throw grenades at you and kill you as soon as you get within 20 feet? Every time someone has tried to splatter me in a ghost its always jump, look down, throw two grenades, free kill!

seeing as it takes 2 to 3 plasma, why did you put yourself in that situation?

For the warthog? If you play a large map and have the chain gun hog, its almost inevitable you will get close to the enemy at some point, and you WILL be EMP+Plasma naded. By the time the two grenades hit your hog and you realize it, you dont have enough time to get out