Vehicles need a general, across-the-board buff

I’m generally thinking something along the lines of;

  • Flat 20%-ish Health Buff (for EVERYTHING except maybe the Banshee)

  • Damage reduction against ballistic non-power Small Arms (AR, BR, Pistol etc.) except when shooting weak points

  • Buff to the weapons of the Rocket Warthog and Banshee Bomb

  • If needed, buff damage of explosives and plasma weapons vs. vehicles

Vehicles are supposed to be force multipliers, but they often feel like they’re simply unwieldly and loud power weapons…and less effective ones at that with the Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle frequently out-performing them all (except the Scorpion). They’re easily destroyed by even spawn weapons, much less the weapons designed to take them out. Worse still, 343 went through all the trouble of designing this actually kind of cool and effective vehicle damage and performance system…only for it to not matter much because vehicles DIE before you can ever effectively use it against them or experience it. Warthogs can’t even make a successful charge/pass at the enemy and survive most of the time!

Buff vehicle health and make it so that if players want to effectively destroy vehicles they need to search for and use things like the Ravager, Hydra, Plasma Grenades or use their AR/Pistol/BR to target specific parts to weaken and cripple the vehicle, then destroy it. Or target the passengers directly.


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When people hear vehicles coming around the corner they don’t think danger. They think, ‘free kills’.
In previous games, you immediately sought cover when a vehicle was coming in your direction.

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I still have PTSD from the Halo 3 Gausshog.

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And the projectile traveled even faster in Halo: Reach.