Vehicles kill really really really fast

Everyone is talking about how fast vehicle health deteriorates in this game, but I don’t know what basis of comparison they’re using. It’s not any different than any halo after CE frankly. If you’re using 3 or Reach as the model of perfect vehicle combat, you could easily take on any vehicle solo in 3 and in Reach they were made of paper mache before the last update, where some vehicles became overpowered instead. (Banshee ptsd)

Vehicles either instantly kill someone with a huge blast radius explosive projectile, or kill someone in less than a second with fire from their ballistic/plasma weapons platforms. If you’re not hyper focused on vehicles coming by listening for them or staring at your radar, you’re a sitting duck. Callouts help but randoms don’t do that.

The point is, by the time you’re being shot you’re already dead and can do nothing about it.

They’re glass cannons, sure. They do way too much damage way too quickly to be fair in the sandbox, and yes a lot of things do way more damage than they can handle which makes them easy to kill if you use specific weapons. Both things make vehicles annoying in every match.

The solution is simple, balance the scales a bit. Have them do just a tiny bit less damage and per shot, but be able to withstand more damage so they can actually roll in and brawl with multiple infantry. The only thing the update seems to have done on my end is make it so sticks do a fraction of the damage they used to. I don’t know if spike grenades do any damage at all at this point.


I agree with this. I think back in the H3 and Reach days i remember the vehicles last much longer than they do now but they also didn’t kill nearly as fast as they do now. Thats how most vehicles should play.


they just buffed the vehicles this past update… well the pight vehicles… with the grapple shot a part of the sandbox now it seems as tho they r falling back to halo Ce’s method of kill the guy in the vehical and not the vehical itself… but they r trying to find a balance so they also buffed rocket blast radius and released the stats on what does most damage to vehicals… was watching some new gameplay and there are actuall warthog fights that last now… there are more tweaks im sure but rn they r having to adapt because highjacking is such a viable option that it almost negates having to destroy the vehical… almost… look forward to seeing if the buff some more… i think weapon wise the stats are getting better… but the vehical itself could use a little more durability if only to prolonged vehicle vs vehical combat


I want to destroy the vehicles though, I’m trying to get to 1000

Vehicles are overpowered in this Halo. The people saying vehicle health is too low are the same people who charge into an enemy base like the warthog is some kind of tank.

Hopping in a vehicle currently is like pushing the “basically free killing frenzy” button.

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the chain gun on the warthog needs to be designed for close range with bigger spread. Currently its like a sniper

Yeah this isn’t true, also the way the maps are designed you hardly have any maneuverability and can only drive down relatively thin paths.

The amount of easy vehicle kill/disable weapons in the game is ridiculous.
-shock rifle
-graple hook
-dynamo grendades

Thats only the ones that are super easy to use, there are more that are still effective against vehicles but just a bit harder to use.
-plasma grenades
-frag grenades

Honestly it seems like more than half this games sandbox is just here to counter vehicles.

Yes some vehicles kill too fast so they could use a damage nerf but they still die way way way too fast.

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The sentinel beam also melts vehicles easily too, at least before the last update.

And you’re right about the maps not being made for vehicles.

However, as the designated gunner while my GF drives, the turrets are a little too powerful.

Scorpion does exactly what is always has done.

But the wraith mortar doesn’t have much of an arc (like a mortar) it is too straight of a line. Now it is like a less-ideal scorpion. Its turret is okay, but suffers from the same issue as the human turret.

The warthog turret is way too accurate. I’m a MnK player, you put me on the turret, its like I have a laser. It almost feels like cheating. They should have increased the spread on the turrets. The damage itself is fine, its just too accurate.

The Ravager is also one of the best anti vehicle weapons, but it seems to do less damage now

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The warthog turret is just flat out overpowered. The TTK is absolutely insane.The spread really does need to get increased across the board, with a considerable spread increase at medium to long range.

Also, the hit box of the warthog gunner is absolutely bugged. It always takes extra shots to the head to kill a gunner because it seems ike 2-3 shots always fail to register.

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They’re almost impossible to snipe out, even sitting dead still. I think one issue is they removed the turret overheating feature. That was actually a smart balancing addition imo

Now you can look at stats at the end of games and see these guys have 100 out of 3800 shots hit and still have a positive kd