Vehicles in Infinite

Hello All,

Full disclosure; I have not played a Halo game since the CE release on PC and before that, Halo Reach on Xbox 360. The vehicles in Infinite feel super floaty, flip easily, and the Warthog Turret is LASER accurate. Would anyone else like to see these issues addressed or am I just too used to how things used to be in previous titles?

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Also some vehicles feel paper thin while others feel like a tank.


For real. I was watching footage from CE as I hadn’t played in awhile and the warthog was soaking damage and looked weighty. After playing Infinite it has me a little confused. Has the UNSC started making their Warthogs out of Paper Mache? xD

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I’m positive that its intentional, the vehicles are powerful again although there are plenty of counters to them. The mongoose and warthog flip easy but it could add a layer of skill needed to operate them? I like it compared to halo 5 I guess.

I could see that and I definitely agree we have more on the ground answers to vehicles. That Skewer gun? Oof. I never played 4 or 5; but it definitely feels different from the older Bungie days. No surprise there, but just wondering how others feel about it.

The vehicles feels great IMO. Maybe the chopper is a little bit clunky, but it’s also more powerful than in Halo 3.
What I don’t like is the how you can turn your hog in the air like in GTA.

Oh, and I absolutely despise that they replaced the classic warthog horn with the most standard sounding sounding car horn I’ve ever heard.

The Chopper definitely Chops more, I’ll give you that. Lol

The Warthog is definitely very floaty.

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I also feel that the wheeled vehicles are too light and easy to roll. Many times my random team drivers will crash or drive into a hole by accident. There is an option to influence turning with the other controller stick , but it is off by default. I hold or rapidly tap the hand brake to help; but doing so takes focus away from the game .

Overall heaver, slightly slower physics would help a lot. Reducing the offensive damage of all vehicles by 20% would be a great improvement to game balance. Especially since the charged plasma pistol no longer disables vehicles. Please enable it to do so, or slow them down by 90%.

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