Vehicles in Halo: 5 Gaurdians

In the lore of Halo there are weapon and vehicle manufacturers and they operate like any real world manufacturer does. They iterate on their products and we’ve seen such iterations in weapon design and vehicle and ship design. I expect that they’ll continue this in Halo 5 and we will see logical iterative improvements in vehicles.

no veihcles for halo FIV5 coz dey op and no0by coz itz all a bout dat br aim anda esports bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

I’m sorry.

Hopefully they add in some of the vehicles from Halo Wars like the Grizzly, Hawks, Scarabs, Locusts and definitely the best, the Vulture. They could implement some of these bigger vehicles as “Hero vehicles”, similar to the new Star Wars Battlefront system where there’s only one per team and it’s like a pickup, like a rocket launcher or sniper rifle.