Vehicles are fine as is, stop making them stronger

Why do they insist on making vehicles overpowered? They’re already harder to kill than they were at launch, and it’s pointless to use most of the sandbox on them already.

They’re going to make the handful of weapons that work now obsolete and make it so only power weapons do anything of value, which will hugely imbalance the vehicle vs infantry dynamic. Vehicles kill people in a fraction of a second, or less, and can’t be killed by anything you spawn with. That’s the balance.

Making them essentially immune to non power weapons is a terrible idea.

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Vehicles are so easy to kill back at launch, I remember going like 5 seconds in front of enemy lines before its beeping to blow. But at this point, its getting harder to kill. I don’t like the idea that it takes 2-3 shots with a skewer and rocket to blow one up. Especially since they took out many of its weak points.


I’m in the camp that vehicles were too weak to begin with.
But I’m also in the camp that the BTB maps were not made with vehicles in mind. Actually Halo Infinite isn’t made with vehicles in mind at all. The maps are all made with roads in mind. Effectively making vehicles moving turrets and not dynamic units in themselves. Tanks barely fit anywhere, smaller vehicles get caught on pebbles, the maps are too small for aircraft.
And their fix is to make vehicles stronger? I know it means re-designing the whole BTB around new maps, but maybe buff them by giving them the room they need to be effective? And this translates to the campaign. 75% of the time my GF and I played the co-op flight (first time with the campaign) our vehicles got stuck on random crap. This didn’t happen in the other games!


I totally agree. It should be a one shot kill to the center of a vehicle and two shots if you only manage to hit the peripheral area of the vehicle. There are few things less frustrating than absolutely drilling a warthog with the Skewer and having it drive off like nothing happened. Especially because it takes 14 seconds to reload

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I’m hoping the new snow map that’s been leaked is more fun for vehicular combat.

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Nay there’s a huge problem with Halo Infinite’s balance in general when it comes to vehicles:

  • Things that shouldn’t be killing vehicles are
  • Things that should be killing vehicles aren’t
  • Vehicles that should have died aren’t dying
  • Vehicles that shouldn’t have died are

I just hope this isn’t the last vehicle balance. What needs to come next is to up the lethality of the Skewer, making it a static spawn on BTB maps as a PoI for players to fight over, and upping the lethality of Plasma Grenades while reducing amount of Dynamos on the field. Like a Skewer should just destroy a Banshee or Wasp in one shot, not get “Stuck on some armor plating”

Anti Vehicle weapons should and must kill vehicles. Other weapons not designed to kill Vehicles shouldn’t.


Agreed, I cant believe sniper shots are doing some maximum damage to vehicles, they should ve providing nothing to the punch!

Vehicles were way too weak at launch. There’s no reason for me to bother playing Infinite currently so I’m unsure of their current state but I will say that it’s definitely better that they’re too strong instead of too weak.

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Since the August update it feels like the Wasps have again become overpowered. It felt like there was good balance before, now people are getting 50+ kill runs in BTB. Combine that when the enemy team has both, or worse 4, wasps… there’s little to no point anymore. It becomes unlikely a team member will ever make it to a power weapon that could take one down.
How come banshees never/rarely spawn? Why is it always Wasps?

Yes Anti-vehicle weapons should kill vehicles relatively easily. But combined firepower from small arms should still be able to kill vehicles. Otherwise whats the point?

Map design is a whole 'nother topic… maps clearly had vehicles as an afterthought. Lets make a loop drivers can go through, thats good enough… Dont even get me started on the lack of optimization on Breaker, that is an unpolished mess.

A lot of people were complaining that they were cannon fodder before.

I do feel some of them were pretty bad though, namely the Banshee and Chopper IMO… I dunno if that changed any after the Buffs.

Vehicles are overpowered in this Halo. The people saying vehicle health is too low are the same people who charge into an enemy base like the warthog is some kind of tank.

Hopping in a vehicle currently is like pushing the “basically free killing frenzy” button.