Vehicles are completely useless

Trust me, I don’t have any issues of driving, after so many years of Halo customs, driving the Warthog and Mongoose on crazy thin roads while being shot at by snipers and rockets. I just can’t drive and grab the flag at the same time, unless I have the Razorback, and soloing the objective just sucks, but everyone isn’t even trying anyway so idk man. I just hate bad drivers, and getting betrayed by bad drivers.

i know how that feels, thats why I always try to drive, then at least I control my death

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One of the devs in charge of BTB design was probably bad at Halo 3 and Reach BTB, got traumatized by getting spawn killed by vehicles, and vowed to never let it happen again :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Server side desync also plays a significant role in why vehicles just feel awful. What you’re seeing on your client might not be what the server sees, and might not be what your passengers/gunners see. There’s a lengthy thread on the Halo subreddit that explains the issue in greater detail with videos that show the issue in practice (and lots of comments also sharing videos of bad desync, not just with vehicles but also weapons and gear). 343 has responded to the thread and are supposedly looking into it.

Desync is a major problem with the game and is why a lot of the elements just feel wrong. Everything from vehicles to melees to being killed around corners or out of nowhere.

The maps generally don’t support vehicles either. In my opinion.

It’s like they locked on to close combat arena gameplay and put it everywhere. I rarely played the smaller modes, because I wanted the chaos and breathing space afforded by large, open maps, where not being in a vehicle was a specific, tactical decision with massive risks, akin to being a frog trying to cross a busy, multilane road.

Please 343, big maps with room to drive and contest other vehicles face to face, more vehicle spawns, with the big toys available from the get go.



Nobody’s using an AR to kill somebody 100 yards away.

It’s kind of a mixed bag, I don’t think they’re balanced particularly well in the current sandbox.

  • The ghost is great offensively and has a lot of armour. Honestly seems about right and I wouldn’t touch it

  • The mongoose is what it is, a fast lil quadbike that gets most people killed but gets you from A to B. The gungoose is actually pretty decent though as it packs a punch.

  • The Warthog is fine if you don’t drive it directly into the middle of enemy lines. That’s never been the best way to use it and still isn’t. Stop doing this. It’s maybe on the squishy side at the moment, though I wouldn’t say drastically so.

  • The chopper doesn’t feel right to drive or shoot, and no longer one hits vehicles. I think this sticks out the most because it’s only ever been in Halo 3 and there it was an absolute beast, which this one isn’t. Definitely needs work.

  • The banshee bomb does no damage, and I’ve heard a lot of complaints about various aspects of it in general. Honestly I’ve not driven it enough to comment but it also doesn’t ever feel like a threat so I imagine the complaints are justified. I’ve probably killed more than I’ve been killed by.

  • The wasp is very powerful and seems pretty durable, probably too much. It’s helped in large part by the fact it’s so easy to use and get sprees with it. Its best counter is the sniper rifle despite the fact that should be an anti infantry weapon. You may think the shock rifle should work but the kill boundaries are so low because of the grappleshot that EMP’ing it off the edge is just an inconvenience.

  • Both tanks are so rare that I can’t even begin to comment on their balance because I haven’t seen them enough. They seem durable, the wraith shot is a bit harder to use and doesn’t have a huge AOE right now, but going on the turret is fun and has a neat shield now. Biggest issue with the tanks is their rarity and the maps not really being built to accommodate them. Even doing tests with them is difficult because we can’t spawn them reliably in forge or customs because the former doesn’t exist & the latter takes 15 minutes to get one. It does strike me that without the spartan laser or fuel rod, and relative rarity of the SPNKr/Skewer, these vehicles are probably harder to take out via weaponry than they once were, if they were actually given the space to be effective.

Should also mention on the warthog front, be warned that the hydra, cindershot and heatwave all melt its armor, in addition to the obvious candidates (SPNKr, Skewer). Also, hijacking is way easier now thanks to emp grenades & the grappleshot.

Overall I don’t think “completely useless” or “over powered” quite describe the current state of vehicles, but they’re definitely not in a good place and need some tuning. This is also compounded by the current BTB settings not lending themselves well to really testing these vehicles out.

Also on the point about BTB being not great, the only vehicles I ever see go against eachother head on are warthogs & wasps on Highpower. In general there is basically no vehicle vs vehicle combat in this game, it’s almost always vehicle vs lots of infantry. Who knows how the vehicles even play against other vehicles, gonna have to play the campaign just to find out.

God save the banshee. Currently the most trash vehicle in any halo game!!!

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No offence but, in halo 3 the weight of the vehicles were alot less weighted then we have now there were vehicles flying and stuff

unless it’s the wasp, most if not all the vehicles are useless. do to their lack of health (unless it’s a tank) and a lot of anti-vehicle weapons. like the disruptor, ravager, shock rifle, grappling hook, hydra/spnkr, dynimaty grenades (probably butchered the name), and skewer
i would include the plasma pistol, but it’s a utter joke in infinite
like the vehicles are also so weak. banshee BOMB and guns are weak as heck, the turrets of the hogs are so bloody weak, the wasp is the same as the banshee. the only non useless ones are the tanks, which even then can be strong countered
also ones like the hog and goose don’t feel as bouncy, like 343 removed the suspention of them. thus they feel like a worse CE hog, buttery as heck

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Slight side note… But why the hell is it practically impossible to splatter people in this game? I just ran a Warthog into 3 dudes at full speed and they just flared up light a Christmas tree and were pushed away. Happens. All. The. Time.


I agree. The Chopper is the worst in terms of manoeuverability. Not only does it flip/slide at the slightest bump or slope, the rear end is also too slidey, which means you must at all times engage enemies while driving forward in a straight line. If you don’t, you simply can’t aim.

To me, only the Ghost and Wasp seem to be fine at the moment. Warthog/Mongoose/Razorback are all just a little too light and bouncy.

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The vehicle’s definitely feel really weak however the only vehicle that I’ve noticed feels useful to me personally is the ghost it still feels like it’s made of paper and can essentially be one shot is what it feels like but I had a 20 kill streak with that thing without dying against other players so it really just depends on how you use the vehicle I was using it during a capture the flag and I was mostly defending the flag and the warthog turret is really nice it’s got a lot of range and the new reticle which is almost pinpoint accurate cuz it’s really small compared to other Halo games but the vehicle that I would say feels the most useless is the WASP it’s weapons just feel like pea shooters and the rockets are so slow

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Chopper is by far the most pathetic lmao. Right next to the banshee. The shock rifle RUINS air vehicles. Worse than the Spartan laser shockingly enough. Can’t speak for the tank or wraith though because as most of us here can attest to, we never get a chance to drive them because the horse water spawning system 343 has implemented in btb.

Disruptor, Shock Rifle, Dynamo Grenades, Skewer, Heatwave, Plasma Grenades, Spike Grenades, Sniper Rifle, Cinder Shot, Rocket Launcher. Want me to continue?


I agree with this. Totally minor stuff but these vehicles are squirrelly. You hit a fly in game and you go into a spin.

If I have to nit pick them I would say the cursor for the warthog gun should go back to the old wider looking version

Most of that is either not useful or not even available. Also that list is assuming even a fraction of the team you’re on isn’t people that have no thumbs.

But please go on. Explain to the literal embodiment of anti vehicle combat how the disruptor pistol can help you fight a warthog that can kill you in 0.65 seconds.

It’s actually super easy to splatter people, just as long as they are your teammates.


I believe that the weapon damage on the vehicles is sufficient, however they need to withstand a little more damage to the vehicle itself. If I’m able to withstand 1 lap of the map without getting blown to smithereens it’s purely because the Guardians willed it. My only other strife is that the vehicles (especially the warthog/puma) feel too weightless and there isn’t enough space to manoeuvre them throughout the map, because of this reason it only further advantages those with power weapons to easily take you out because you are pretty much funnelled down a path towards them. In addition, this only makes flag captures even harder because every player knows the vehicles will only come from either one of two ways.

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