Vehicles are completely useless

Ugh where to begin on how bad the vehicles are in this game. Every gun feels like an anti vehicle weapon making the vehicles seem like they’re made out of paper, the vehicle physics are horrible with warthogs just flipping from bumping into a rock, the fact that my gunner gets easily taken out from a guy using an AR from 100 yards away just hurts so bad, so many grapple shot spawns, 2 weapons and 1 grenade that can EMP, increased difficulty of using the warthog gun, and too top it all of the maps are tight as all hell.

These things need to be fixed and if I were to do it I would first have only explosive weapons and turrets be capable of doing any damage to vehicles, make it more difficult to shoot warthog gunners, make the vehicles have physics similar to Halo 3, reduce time of emp and require 3 shots from Shock Rifle, have Skewer have more of a blowback effect rather than a super high damage output, and have way more open BTB maps like sandtrap. I think also having anti vehicle turrets on the map would be better to take out vehicles rather than just spamming AR’s at them.


A lot of the issues I have with vehicles are pretty minor, but the one thing that does really bug me with vehicles is that they feel to floaty and bouncy. The tiniest nick and you’ve flipped. I can hardly use the chopper because anytime I get any speed going it starts to almost glide it feels like and I crash or completely miss where I was going because I overshoot it.


Ghost is pretty good, it can tank alot of damage compared to past games, though it is vulnerable to certain things like sniper shots to it’s wings and homing shots from the Hydra. Wasp can also tank alot of damage, though I don’t like how you must be moving for the gun to be accurate. The rest range from meh to absolute trash. Chopper is the most useless thing imaginable, I think I might have gotten like 5 kills with it in 85 hours of playtime, the spike cannons are weak, the ramming is no longer one shot kill to other vehicles, it falls over on it’s side if you turn too quickly or hit a bit of environment, forcing you to get out and flip it, and it can be jacked from the front when you are trying to splatter someone. Then of course there is the fact that vehicle spawns and drops are slow and infrequent, and how long shock damage disables for in Infinite.


vehicles are overpowered, and the ways in which you’re meant to combat them are imbalanced. I swear every game one side gets things like the Hydra and Shock Rifle, and the side I’m on gets the Ravager and Needler like that’s some kind of even trade.

I hate vehicles.

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Agree, the warthog is horrible to drive. and yes, the maps are too narrow for vehicle combat. Unless you’re having a ghost.


In what way are they overpowered? Every game I play it feels like I have 50 options to take out a warthog because everything is good against them.


I think the chopper is currently very poor, there’s no rotation of the guns at all so it only shoots exactly forwards, but the vehicle is very hard to rotate itself so it basically is very hard to shoot people with. Rubbish. I actually now just walk past it.


there are very few weapons that can actually counter vehicles quickly and efficiently

It’s not about one person taking out vehicles but when you have multiple people just spamming AR’s and BR’s it makes short work of the vehicles, there’s also a ton of power weapons, grenades, emp weapons, and grapple shots on the map at all times but the worst thing of all is the tight maps that have a ton of cover for infantry to hide from the vehicles.

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Vehicles do plenty of damage. It’s their survivability that is the issue. I would agree that, aside from the Ghost, vehicles need to be beefier.


Not sure what you mean by Warthogs easily being taken out by an AR, because imo Warthogs are pretty beefy and survive Skewer shots depending where they were hit. I’d say the gunner even has a decent amount of protection, since I have a hard time killing the gunner for some reason. They are pretty bouncy though, but the Chopper is the real worst vehicle. The Infinite Chopper is a disgrace to the Halo 3 version. It needs a lot of tweaks and buffs.

As for the Skewer, it’s a railgun that fires a literal giant metal rod. If you take out a vital part of the vehicle, it will be destroyed. If you shoot an unimportant part of the vehicle, it will survive. You can destroy a lot of parts of vehicles, and they’ll still function, but they immediately blow up if you destroy their core weak spot. That’s just logical and good design.

The EMP weapons are somewhat a pest, especially when you can barely fly for 2 seconds in a Banshee without being constantly EMPed back down, and I’m pretty annoyed the Plasma Pistol doesn’t EMP anymore, but I feel like the Plasma Pistol should be the traditional EMP, and the shock weapons make the vehicles very difficult to control, but maybe not completely fail.

I severely disagree about you thinking that only explosive weapons and turrets should be able to do any damage at all to vehicles, because that would make vehicles practically unstoppable, when vehicles irl can be taken out by normal military weapons, since kinetic weapons are designed to be strong on vehicles, and energy weapons strong on shields. As far as I’m concerned, vehicles shrug off most kinetic weapons. I can dump all my AR, BR, and Pistol ammo into a Wasp or Warthog, and it lives. That might just be hit registration bugs though, but vehicles seem pretty tough to me, besides the ghost gets destroyed fairly quickly.

Human weapons do very low damage to vehicle armor. It takes a ton of time and energy to try and AR it to death in this game. There are a handful of weapons that work that spawn at bases but most people grab them, try to use them on infantry, and then die and give them to enemies

The real problem is the maps. The only map that’s designed well for vehicles right now, ironically, is a 4v4 map… Behemoth. And even that has arguably too many anti-vehicle weapons on it.

The BTB maps continue to follow 343’s fetishization of having way too much cover and too little open space in BTB. I like having gameplay variety and do not have a problem with this style of gameplay for BTB on occasion, but it really needs to be balanced out by having larger, more open maps with a clearer place for vehicle combat. A map like Avalanche in Halo 3 nailed this balance perfectly - it’s a huge map that has clear sections both for infantry combat (middle area, outermost ring) and vehicles (everything else).

343’s idea of giving vehicles space is apparently… trenches? Trenches with cover everywhere so infantry can ambush them?

343 has never made a map that even gets close to that kind of BTB excellence that some of the H3 maps had.


Yeah, the BTB maps are super cramped, and you can’t even climb up high, due to kill zones, when the game is designed for having grapple and repulsor. It’s like do they want us to climb or not? Do they want the maps to be claustrophobic or not? I hate that the Scorpion feels like I’m trying to squeeze a large box through a small tube, because a lot of maps make it borderline impossible to drive through outside of one or two specific main roads. These maps are not big enough for BIG Team Battle, and we actually need a map like Diamondback from Halo Online, which was an even bigger desert version of Avalanche, since Halo Online had sprinting. We need much bigger more open maps for driving and flying, not these cramped arena maps that you can barely even use Warthogs in. What happened to maps like Blood Gulch?


I agree 100%. Vehicles are traditionally such a fun part of halo. I pride myself on my warthog driving skills, but now you hit a pebble and the whole thing flips. I miss the days when vehicles were a force. It either required a skilled spartan with the right tools, or a coordinated team effort to take them down. Now any joe can bang out a vehicle with a AR. Banshees used to be terrifying, now they are basically a mosquito. The driving of all vehicles has become clunky. I think 343 has put too much effort into “balance” for the competitive crowd, and a modes like Big Team battle suffers because of it. Big team needs chaos, not balance. Vehicles shouldn’t be an afterthought in a proper halo game.

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Yep, I can’t for the life of me understand why 343 continues to make these narrow maps for BTB. It’s been a problem since Halo 4.

THERE IS NOWHERE TO MANEUVER. Vehicles might as well be on rails. Just pathetic.


Shock rifle needs a 3 hit to emp kill the engines like it needs 3 hits to kill a spartan. Flying vehicles are pointless. I can see a 1 hit do a quick stall you can recover from. But not a full on engine kill

in my opinion vehicles are actually quite strong. if a team smartly uses the warthog and keep on the move, they can rack up plenty of kills and flag caps

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Too bad nobody can drive, and every time I let some random drive the warthog, they immediately slam into a wall or flip it and get us killed. Halo Infinite has handbrake drifting and roll tilt so that you DON’T do these things, but clearly they need to have a Warthog run tutorial for all these new players. A driving school test in the Training Mode.

its not THAT hard to drive, if you go full on, yeah you are gonna flip, so just dont go pedal to metal

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