vehicles and weapons on maps

I would like to see that the vehicles and weapons on maps becomes random, to a small degree.

using Ragnarock as an example, i would like to see a different sniper rifle spawn once in a while in our base, maybe a beam rifle?

the warthogs are all the same on all maps, each team has A and B hogs, it would be nice if it was a little random just to add in that little surprise to what you see on the field of battle.

it could spice things up alot and keep us guessing to what is going to be there on the map, because its a little too predictable at times, first the team is going to do this, then they will do that, then we will have to try this etc etc etc.

ghosts and mongooses can switch places, scorps and wraths, banshee has nothing unless bringing back hornet/falcon or something else, maybe there could be some kind of covie/promethean robot or something (talking Halo 5 here)

either way, i feel that this level of randomness could really help with multiplay and make each game that much different.

As long as the “randomness” is only for initial spawns and the same for both teams, otherwise it would become unbalanced.

what im thinking is, that each time the weapons and vehicles spawn, they would be random.

so it would be possible for each hog to spawn as a gause, or just the standard, but that would be a rare thing.

all weapons on the map would would spawn a random version of what they are, again using Ragnarock as an example, we have the spartan laser on the hill, its a good weapon and everything, if we have a good sniper he will watch the hill and wait for the other team to try and take it.

i think there should be an even chance for the FRG, Rocket or cannon to spawn in its place, just like with the snipers, my base could spawn the beam rifle, but the other base could spawn the binary rifle or still the human sniper.

i think that randomness could make it more fun.