Vehicles And Radar

In Halo Reach, the Falcon had an extremely large radar.
If the Falcon were to return, should it retain this superior radar?
Or if the Hornet or some new aircraft were to appear in Halo 4, should that have superior radar?

Should vehicles in general give you a slightly larger than average radar?
Or maybe just scout vehicles such as the Ghost and Mongoose?
Or just the Mongoose to give players more reason to use it?

Also, should a player on higher ground be given a slightly larger radar?
Such as a meter increase for every 5 feet you go up.

Any other ideas pertaining to radars and vehicles?

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The superior radar of the Falcon was good. I think that the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the radar should be. As for your thing about the altitude, I think it should apply only to flight vehicles, and, instead of increasing the size of the Radar, it should remove the dots on a lower elevation. In exchange, the radar should be much more detailed.

I liked the Falcon’s radar. It’s mainly useful because the pilot has no offensive power, so he can tell where to turn the Falcon (so that his gunners can see targets) from a long distance. With things like the Banshee, it’s unneeded because the pilot is the gunner.