Vehicles and maps.

One thing I love a lot, vehicles, maps with vehicles, Blood Gulch, Side Winder, Containment, Sandtrap Valhala and Forge World.

Every Halo game has it’s big maps where vehicles play a key role. I think most would agree Sandtrap, though pretty bland with just infantry is a great map when you put in some hovering purple crafts and wheeled LRV’s in it.

Halo Reach has lowered the power of vehicles. The Revenant is strong but the Chopper did it’s job much better. The Warthogs are taken down faster then ever and the Banshee and Tank’s worst enemy is a Sniper Rifle.

With that being said Vehicles have two options: Become overpowered or Have territorial dominance. I’m for the ladder.

In some maps Vehicles would have no power. They would be too small and would get cought in the crossfire of bullets and grenades. In some maps vehicles would work fine but with enough ambition they would too fall to the foot troops. But some maps need to give vehicles the near dominance they deserve, Large open maps with smooth areas for driving and gaps only vehicles could jump

Halo 4 needs AT LEAST two maps that do this. Two maps large enough to carry and use ALL vehicles, land, air, sea, whatever. Maps where being on foot is as bad as a move as turning off your TV. Foot soldiers have enough power. It’s time Vehicles get some love.