Vehicle to spartan combat

I assume all of you are gonna agree with this on me; hijacks on halo 5 are way easier than in previous titles. I understand that spartans are super soldiers excelent on infantry combat and on infantry to vehicle combat but vehicles hijacks are very unbalanced compared to previous titles. They require less skill from the hijacker’s side and its way more difficult even from an expirienced player to a void one.

I mean remember the mantis on halo 4? you had to actually sneak up behind it and hijack it in halo 5 you just run towards it, get close to it and hijack it from any direction not only from behind and the sides like halo 4 it makes h5 stomp attack with the mantis completely useless against spartans. Scorpions and wraiths have a big problem too in previous titles you could shoot with your weapon at a surface near your vehicle, damage your vehicle a little bit but kill the hijacking opponent as well in h5 is not possible anymore you must relly on your teamates which in most cases is not a viable option.

I have in mind a lot of factors that causes this lack on skill gap between spartans and vehicles. 1st. spartan abilities play a big factor as you can cover your distance between you and the vehicle way quicker by using slide trust etc. 2nd. active camo is way more difficult to spot with the upgraded graphics lighting texturing etc. and it doesn’t have the little jammer/distracting dots on the radar that previous games had that warned you that a spartan with active camo was nearby. 3rd motion sensor is has way too sort range i understand that is the way it is and the truth is that it has a very good range of 25m diameter which is great for infanrty combat but to sort for vehicle combat.

In order to fix this i have a lot of possible solutions in mind. 1st 343i can impement a mechanic where a vehicle needs to get a certain amount of damage in order for you to be able to plant a granade they can alternatevely make the frag granades not be a one hit on even the strongest vehicles (hannibal mantis/scorpion, ONI mantis/scorpion) basically leaving the vehicle severely damaged but not destroyed but they can leave the splinter and plasma nades one shot kills or at least make them do a little more damage than the frags but not one shot kills. 2nd bring back the jammer/distracting dots on your motion sensor when the opponent with active camo is nearby. 3rd make the motion sensor radius larger only for vehicles something like between 30-36m instead of the current 25m one, i understand that we have the upgraded sensors upgrade but this isnt a great option if you consider the usefullness of the wheelman when you are in a vehicle. 4th and in my opinion the best one, bring back the “damage your own vehicle with your own weapon but also kill the hijacker” feature.

The only thing i want is a bigger skill gap between spartans and vehicles an expert scorpion driver can easily get hijacked with an active camo guy crouching behind him i hope someone from 343 reads this post and understand that we need a bigger skill gap on every aspect on halo basically requiring skill NOT LUCK. Are you with me with this one? Tell me your oppinion about the spatters too i dont even want to get into that topic…

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The problem with hijacks is they happen way to fast. Its board - plant - boom and you can rarely kill the spartan doing it, especially if the drivers going is another direction. If the boarder had to melee twice then plant it probally wouldn’t be so bad, if the driver was with allies.

Also you can’t shoot a wall and kill someone, so it’s a garanteed kill if boarded. Also the distance to board can sometimes be inconsistant and so can lag. You think you’ve gone past someone in a ghost and the next thing you know they’ve kicked you out.

Vehicle boarding is one of the things i hope 343 takes a look at, now that they have time to plan, and not having to abide by pre-existing content delivery.