Vehicle spawn system is bad and needs either a rework or a full replacement

I mostly play Big Team Battle, during the tech previews I only had the opportunity to play for a few hours, and in that time, it was clear there were no vehicles at spawn and in this game is different, now spawning as the match goes on.

During the tech preview, I couldn’t get my hands in most of the vehicles (only moongose/warhog), so I mostly played normal, but now that the game launched, I can see how AWFUL it is to get the vehicles in this way.

Just got out of a match in which one of the teams (Enemy) got the wasp and the other side (mine) didn’t get anything, and it completely dominated the match, because the spawn time for the skewer had already passed (And as far as I know didn’t appear again), normal guns, didn’t seem to damage it, and that thing DELETED anyone on my team close enough.

When the Wasp of my team spawned, we couldn’t do anything because not only they had aerial supremacy (and we had no way of destroying since the skewer only appeared once in match), now we were against 2 wasps.

Simply unfair, guess I will stay away from BTB…