Vehicle spawn in warzone

I know this has occurred to most of us. You save up to get a tank, wraith, mantis, or any ground vehicle. You’re pumped up that you get to use it, you come out of the mid base and immediately get boarded. :,(

Ok, so what im trying to say is that their should be an option for where you want to spawn with your vehicle in warzone. This is extremely frustrating saving up your req points just to be annihilated immediately by some random guy that just happened to be passing by in Escape From A.R.C or by some guy camping waiting to do just this on March on Strombreak.You should be able to pick if you want to spawn at home base or mid base. This small solution would save a ton of people form the frustration of having to deal with this.

You already can. Wherever your camera/spawn choice is. Is where your vehicle will spawn.

Yeah, never spawn at garage. Spawning at Fortress though is not a problem. You are most likely driving through middle anyways even if you spawn at home base.

You can pick your spawn, pressing up and down on the D-Pad while respawning will select the base you’ll spawn at.

Not every area will be able to spawn vehicles though.