vehicle locks

So the first time I ever spawned a Hannibal scorpion and I was soooooo happy then I see the hunter elders on notcus were spawning so I decide to look and prepare to shoot at them then a team mate spawned a scout hog and flipped me over then precedes to take my Hannibal scorpion and gets kills all the while I’m asking him to give it back he died and didn’t even say sorry so that’s why I want a vehicle lock of some sort to prevent team mates from stealing your hard earned vehicles and I think it should only remain active until either you die or leave a 10 to 15 meter radius and the guy has yet to reply back saying anything so I would love 343 even more if they would do this because this is the most annoying thing ever in my opinion I hope some people will agree with me on this…

Yeah there is a bit of concern with that but I’ve no idea how he flipped you over with a scout hog and the spawn delay is supposed to prevent that. It would be nice to have say a lock on it until you step 10-15m away (by your own power) with the exception of your fireteam.

Huh, thats quite intersting!!! I been through a bit odd game glitches with halo 4 while doing forge.

Thanks Jetpower I never thought about fireteam members retrieving it for you thanks! :slight_smile:

Love your gamer tag.