Vehicle ideas for Warzone or Forge

By the rings, I have an idea. Including the anti-air Wraith in Warzone and/or Forge in Halo 5 would be kinda cool, right? Or even seeing the return of the Spectre, and Revenant? I had a blast driving both vehicles around in Halo 2 and Halo: Reach respectively, and I miss them to be honest. What are your thoughts? Terrible idea? Any other vehicles you would want to see return?

The AA Wraith is in Warzone? Anyways, I wanna see a Forerunner like tank, that would be awesome :smiley:

How would a Warthog with a double-barrelled turret sound?

Double-barrelled Warthog sounds great. And a Forerunner tank would be an excellent addition. Would it have a larger incineration canon as it’s main weapon?

For those of you that are forgers, I have made random vehicle spawner for almost every category of vehicles. Now we can have reall vehicle fiesta!!

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Cough hornet pls Cough

what i really wanna see is more of a teambased vehicle, like the falcon or an actual working pelican.
i want to load up with about 4 spartans, fly in and have them drop like ODSTs

Personally i would like a few more forerunner vehicles. A ground based one, like a motorcycle or something, you know the mongoose/gungoose of forerunner vehicles lol.

I’ve been praying for Pelicans in multiplayer since i first started playing Halo. Even a Phantom would kick -Yoink-

Can’t write a curse word on here? -Yoink- -Yoink- -Yoink-

I would like to see more forerunner vehicles, other than that I would also really like to see the return of some classics like the chopper, hornet, falcon, and the revenant. I also think it would be awesome to see some vehicles from halo wars be added like the grizzly tank as a scorpion variant

Pillar of Autumn for Warzone 343 PLZ.

Target locator would be pretty cool too. Two variants; one brings down a hail of missles, the other calls for a blast or two from a MAC cannon. It would be really helpful, especially against the Warden

Anything from Halo Wars would be nice.
A Cobra maybe, lockdown mode included. Anyone remember the Halo Reach Gauss Hog Snipe?
Bring that back.

They should give us an elephant with super thick armor so when people are getting farmed in WZ back in there home base you just req one and drive past everyone on the other team (hence the super thick armor) get to where you want to go and lock it down and it becomes a second spawn point for your team. (Of course it should only be available as a second spawn point when you’ve only got your mane base other wise its just a big warthog basically)

A lot of vehicles could return.

Hornet- Larger than a wasp and can carry passengers, would be great in team based gametypes like CTF or Assault and will function nicely in warzone. Give it high-ish armour with no shield. Variants could include ONI and Hannibal
Falcon - Best kept out of warzone unless players can use the chin mounted turret, great vehicle for BTB and objective gametypes, very team oriented, open up all the seats to carry mass amount of players, add a passenger version in forge. Variants can include grenade launcher turrrets and Oni variants.

Revenant - High armoured mini wraith with a long lasting boost. Can be pretty fun, Variants would be Sword and Ultra, maybe Temple.
Spectre - Covie equavilant to the warthog, could give it fast projectiles that are great against infantry but awful against vehicles unless hitting weakpoints. Variants are Sword and Ultra. Maybe introduce needle variant.

Prowler - Higher armour than Spectre but pilot is more vulnerable. Give it slower projectiles and high damage. variants could be called Pack and Tribe?
Chopper - Not that high armour as you might think, high damage however.

I doubt they’ll include any of this into Halo 5, but if they make another Halo you could probably expect more prometheans, and more promethean vehicle ideas. I for one hate the promethean enemies, the covenant, both enemies and vehicles were just a blast to verse in comparison. Perhaps a multi-terrain runner, a vehicle that drives on land and in water.

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> Personally i would like a few more forerunner vehicles. A ground based one, like a motorcycle or something, you know the mongoose/gungoose of forerunner vehicles lol.

I actually started making one like that lol. Making a bike roughly the size of a ghost to weld to.

Kinda want to see the Cyclops from halo wars. It would be just like the one form wars 2