Vehicle Health Question

So is it just me or do vehicles die in Infinite crazy fast?

In previous games i thought vehicle health was tied to player health (in some way) because you could have warthogs and such take a beating but as long as you regained shields i never felt like the vehicle was 1 bullet away from dying.

In Infinite it feels like they separated it into its own health system and vehicles are just too squishy on top of a sandbox that is the most anti vehicle to date. To top it off maps make vehicles very predictable, not too effective, and hard to navigate a map with. We need more open maps like Blood Gulch, Valhalla, and Sandtrap to return to let vehicles thrive.



Now try using these paper vehicles on a legendary playthrough of the campaign.

These are by far the weakest vehicles out of the entire Halo franchise.

The tank s ucks. Hard to control compared to previous games and the playable areas are not designed for a tank to be driven around in. Plus allies can’t hop onto the sides.

343 really dropped the ball with vehicles. I think the grappling hook has also made vehicles near obsolete.

AND vehicle damage system is less detailed compared to Halo 3 and Reach.


The skewer is supposed to 1 shot all vehicles, except for the tank, right? I hate using this thing, its so inconsistent. I get why its in the game but this thing makes little sense to me.

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weapon damage to vehicles is a bit unbalanced with specific ones vehicles having more health then others

It is inconsistent. It isn’t meant to take down vehicles in 1 hit, but it does sometimes.
Vehicles are supposed to survive one hit, but the impact is meant to toss vehicles around and disrupt their movment. Which come to find out, doesn’t happen in online matches, like they turned the physics off.

Gotcha. Yea usually against Ghost’s it’ll 1-shot them but for the hog’s sometimes it won’t even move them and i just end up getting owned. IMO, Risky play to use it for this reason - best to do from a safe distance i guess.