Vehicle Firefight?

I know this is mildly improbable, but would this be a cool idea?

Have a vehicle only firefight mode? Something like Long NIght of Solace, but in a Firefight form, I think facing off against dozens of fighters would be a lot of fun.

Ok it would be fun. I would like the ability to choose enemy’s behicle in fireffight. Maybe i want to fight hordes of wraiths. But i alsow think it would be nice to have marine AI for those time. Imagine an epic battle between a lot of wraith banshees etc and some falcons and scorpions

Yeah, there could be different subplaylists. Like “DogFight” “Air Raid” “Plasma” “Big Guns” “Little Guns” and others.

There had already been a permanent Firefight Doubles playlist confimed for the June update, why not add a “Vehicles” part to that?