Vehicle Fight

On November 6th Halo 4 will be released, and most of your Reach commendations will not be complete by that time. If you are at 90 percent you might have a chance but if you are at 50 percent than don’t even try you won’t complete it even if you boosted. I don’t want to leave the game incomplete.

Why? Because of Grounded commendation, even if you boosted all of the MM commendations you will not complete the Grounded by the time Halo 4 is released. I just reached Gold which is 2500, this took me over a year and a half and I’m just getting started. The max is 12,000. I recommend including a vehicle fight playlist. In this there will be vehicles released each wave.

In wave 1 for example there will be 3 ghosts, in wave 2 there will be 4 wraiths and so on. I want to finish my commendations before Halo 4 so please support this idea. If we can speed up grounded then the other commendations will be easy to complete.


I know you all want more vehicles and the max amount you can get in games now is nowhere near enough so please support.