Vehicle Durability

Vehicles feel squishy. Like, their chassis is made from paper. With the new ease of access for anti-vehicle weapons, combined with the buffs to the assault rifle, the current state of vehicles feels sad. They get blown up so quickly in BTB.

So, I would propose to increase the durability of vehicles against small-arms fire; obviously, this would exclude the weapons that deal ion/electric damage.

This way, vehicles have an actual chance to exist on the map a little longer rather than being instantly shredded to bits.

  • Vehicles should have more durability against small-arms fire
  • Vehicles are fine as they are

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No? Am I the only one that feels this way?

the durability is fairly low yes. However some vehicles have issues with hitboxes like the Chopper where the pilot won’t take damage.

Most people haven’t played the Scorpion or wraith because their drop times are basically at the end of the game or they get mobbed/destroyed before they can see proper play.


All the vehicles with the exception of the Ghost and Goose’s feel like I’m trying to drive a spinning dreidel.


That’s kind of how those vehicles have always been if I remember correctly. That’s why we had the plasma pistol overcharge so we could counter them head-on. I think there was always a reeeaaallllyyy tiny hitbox that you could hit the pilot from the front, but it was unlikely at best. Otherwise you’d just get domed out of it and not get any use from it. If you’re mentioning something else, then I may be misunderstanding!

Yep. This, and the fact that the majority of the time it gets mobbed/destroyed. Then, if it makes it on the map, it lives for a few seconds as the driver drives the tank out in the open and immediately gets skewered/rocketed/destroyed by 500 grenades.

Rare occasions, someone sits back with the tank and gets some value out of it… but its a tank. Its not supposed to hide in the back like a sniper.

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Oh yeah for sure. Trying to get a splatter with a chopper is like trying to mow a lawn with scissors.

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bump - Does this deserve more traction?

The reason why they feel squishy is because we have too many ways to bust up vehicles now.
Just off the rack and spawns we have :
Dynamo Grenades
Plasma Grenades
Spike Grenades
Shock Rifle

Vehicles if drove well into uncoordinated teams can deal alot of damage, but against even a single player who has the tools on hand, it’s just an easy kill.

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Most of the time, I have this “of course, why did I even try…” feeling when driving a vehicle.

I wouldn’t mind dealing less damage in exchange for more durability.
I also wouldn’t mind if fixed vehicles spawn less frequently to balance things out a little.

Well, yes. This too. Apparently, the human sniper is a 2-3 shot straight up kill to a banshee too.

My experience with vehicles. Or, you know, when I offer to drive a warthog so someone else can have fun on the turret only for us to get instantly deleted from the map without any warning/outplay I could possibly drive my way out of.

In the older Halos Vehicles spawned all the time (some maps beginning with them), were either invulnerable or highly resistant to damage, and didn’t trade damage for durability. It actually made them enticing to use. I don’t see how we would have to sacrifice anything for “balance” reasons when it was a non-issue before :confused: