vehicle destructions and other, # of?

i would love to be able to see how many of a particular vehicle i have destroyed. especially since i have completed the commendations. i know the game keeps track. i just have no way to know. also, i would like to know how many perfections i have after i complete that commendation. there are a few things that the game keeps track of but does not give us a way to check them. i would love to compare certain vehicle destructions with other friends in halo 4. on waypoint would be ideal. any one else feel my pain?

In general, it would be nice if Waypoint had more complete stats. For example, I would like to see my total melee kills . . . but I have to go to Halotracker to do it, unless I want to page through each game type on Waypoint and add up the numbers.

Hopefully Waypoint will be tweaked for easier access to these stats as time goes on. I wouldn’t say it’s a huge deal . . . but an easier interface would be very nice.

Yeah I wish there were some odd stats we could look up like this.

The stats I have always wanted to see are community totals. I want to know how many mongoose splatters everyone who plays halo combined has. I want to know how many Headshots with a sniper rifle everyone has. They have these stats but they never show them to us.