Vehicle Controls Issues

I made a thread about this before, but it didn’t get any heat, and I’ve realized how to be more specific about what the problem is.

Basically, the game can’t distinguish between pilot and passenger controls in vehicles, and so it disallows binding multiple actions to the same button because it thinks they overlap when they don’t.

In other words, I play bumper jumper. Default bumper jumper is Left Trigger for boost and e-brake, and Left Bumper for throwing grenades.

But, this is super awkward since I’m used to throwing grenades with left trigger, and annoying because you can’t ever throw grenades and boost/drift in any one particular seat of a vehicle at any one time anyway (unless there’s an unannounced vehicle that allows you to drive and perform basic player actions like throwing grenades at the same time, a la gta or something).

This also applies to meleeing from a passenger seat. I’m used to having both melee and ascend or descend assigned to RB, but I can’t do that since the game treats these as overlapping inputs when they aren’t.

Same with LB. I’m used to having LB for ascent or descent as well as switch seats, but I can’t because the game treats these as overlapping when they aren’t.

This is pretty much a minor gripe, and I can understand if it gets overlooked, but it is a little annoying and I’m sure it does affect some others who play both bumper jumper and big team/vehicular matches. It’d be nice to be able to stick with controls I’m familiar and comfortable with rather than have to change things up because of arbitrary changes.

Edit: Another issue I just noticed is that in an empty warthog, you can’t ever switch seats from the driver or gunner’s seat into the passenger seat. It’d be nice if this could be changed by analog inputs in the left stick.