Vehicle Concepts

So, I’m watching the bonus disc in my Limited Edition copy of Halo 2, and there are some pretty cool vehicle ideas in it. I actually really dug them and I think they should make an appearance in future Halo games. Specifically one that was called the “Doozy.”

Apparently, it’s supposed to hold two people, facing away from each other. I think it would be nasty to have it make a comeback. Of course, there are a bunch of others, but this one was my favorite. If you have the H2 bonus disc, I suggest watching this part and checking out some of the vehicle and character concepts they had. I really like them.

I can already see it now. An UNSC vehicle museum with a no touching sign. Touching any of them locks down the place and sends in invincible marines with rocket launchers.

But seriously, I would like to see concept vehicles in future Halos. Maybe even Halo Wars vehicles. I like the idea of rocket mortars. And Vultures!! :smiley:

It was pretty interesting. However, the one I liked the most was the unfinished Falcon model from Halo II’s BETA.

Some of them just look really fun to use, even if they’re not in MM.

There were also a few creatures that were taken out of H2, one that you could actually mount and ride.