Vehicle Collisions Feel Weak.

Was driving a Warthog in BTB and saw another Warthog heading towards me.
I turned my Hog, yelled “Ramming Speed!”, and then… boop.

Both Hogs booped off one another, the collision felt so weak, I was half expecting both vehicles to take massive damage, but instead nothing really happened, just a little boop backwards.

Vehicles ramming into each other really need to be done better.

Rubber baby buggy bumpers

Vehicle damage in general in this game doesn’t feel finished, and seems to transition states pretty unnaturally. Even the damage decals are super inconsistent. I noticed on some parts of the ghost individual bullets would chip the red paint off revealing the steel colored armor underneath, but then other parts wouldn’t do that, and the Mongoose and the Warthog would continue to look prestine and undamaged until a piece randomly flung off.

It’s like there are too few states of damage on the vehicles for them to reflect how much health they have visually. Where in Halo 3 for example, there would be several dented models for parts of the Hog, and small pieces would come off consistently as you battle until eventually you’ve got a fully revealed engine and it starts to smoke. Now it just “transitions” from prestine, to smoking with no other steps in between.

I rammed a person on a mongoose with a ghost, just pushed him back and he was able to hijack the ghost from me. Very annoying