i would want the gungoose,hornet and/or falcon back

UNSC needs an air vehicle and the maps need to be bigger to support them. Also the AI and banshee flying mechanics in halo 4 were piss poor and the need to be redone. I choose the falcon over the hornet because the hornet is a solo craft where the falcon forces team work. It is a sky warthog. My only thoughts on the falcon is that they need a passenger spot to be able to transport objectives.

If the maps were much much bigger (supports 16v16 big team battle) I would suggest the Hawk from Halo Wars. It was a mix between a falcon and a hornet and I could see it playing more like an attack chopper.

I liked the Falcon a lot more than the Hornet. Much better controls and as Orbitomic said, forced teamwork. When you got it working, it was a thing of beauty. The Hornet was never really a team vehicle, as it’s almost impossible to hit anything with your BR from a moving vehicle’s passenger seat anyway. People could hop in and out to get into the action faster. That was it. Plus it was kind of dinky.
I liked the Gungoose too, (the Mongoose really needed an upgrade) but not as much as the Falcon.

ALL! Lol. I’m a greedy Halo fan.

I’d say this is more of a Falcon or Hornet debate, ever since the Gungoose was introduced it’s pretty obvious to me that everyone favors it over the typical Mongoose. If it was up to me I would say the Falcon from the reach campaign. The one with the burst cannon the pilot could control that way it isn’t entirely useless when nobody else would jump into the gunner seats.

If they add the Falcon back I want them to actually make it so you can just sit on the inside seats, and not just the gunners.

New ones?

The three “vechicles” you listed in the poll are just random ones you like. If you’re going to make a poll, put every choice.

I asked one of the MP guys at RTX 2014 about UNSC air vehicles.

Apparently they stuck Banshee Physics on a Warthog once.


Honestly, they should go Battlefield. Bigger maps, more people. Halo can handle it, and honestly I’d love to have the Sparrowhawk back. Make it slower then the Banshee, bit more armor, guns and the railgun, and it’s golden. OP yeah, but we all know what the Spartan laser does…

While not on the list, the Kestrel.

Here’s a Poll that lists almost all of the human aircrafts.