Vaulted items should be in the Microsoft Store

I think the older stuff you know season 1 should be available in the Xbox store like they did with the packs in halo 5 a lot of things only showed up once and never rolled back around me and a friend both missed some things because of that while others came back 4 or 5 times


“Vaulted” is a rather ambiguous term for Halo.

The assumption (such as your own in this case) seems to be along the lines of Bungie’s way of using it, when in 343i’s use it means any combination of the following:

  1. Currently available, not yet unlocked
  2. Not available yet, but will be soon
  3. Previously available, still attainable
  4. Previously available, unknown if it’ll be in circulation
  5. Previously available, part of a limited time event (cat’s still in the bag whether it’ll be available in the future or not)
  6. Not unlocked

What is it that you’re specifically looking at?


Dragon bark adornment ar part and enlightened path effect

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I agree. There are more than a few items that showed up in the store only once and I never got a chance to get them, and with the new season I’m worried that I won’t be able to ever. They really need to overhaul the store and let us buy specific items. As much as I don’t like the monetizing, I would get out the credit card more if it meant I could buy the specific individual items I wanted, instead of having to buy a bunch of useless stuff along with it