"Vaulted" Cosmetics?

I really would’ve liked to hear about this prior to S2. I honestly don’t see any of the benefit of Season 1 cosmetics being vaulted until further notice. I’m really disappointed because the “looking sharp” bundle was only sold ONCE in season 1, back when prices were high. I really don’t see a benefit to this. If anything, keeping the rotation going would add more options to the store. Really, the store should be more of a catalogue that expands as the game goes on. This is leaning in HARD to FOMO.


Yes the shop is hardcore utilizing FOMO and they’re likely to keep it that way.


What happens if you switch to the Season 1 battle pass? I suspect the items will be available if you do that, based on these:



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It would be a cool feature that if you flick over to the Season 1 battle pass that you could access the cosmetics offered in S1.

Obviously my suggestion is all good in thought, wether it’s a doable thing with the UI is a different story though.

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Realizing this is one massive nothing burger as Eaglestrike and Rakshasa are both considered “Vaulted”, CQC and JFO were “Part of Season 1” despite never releasing, implying that most items are most likely still going to be available outside of the season they “released” in.

Quick on the draw to call FOMO when a multitude of vaulted items are currently available.

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I think this got brought up earlier in another post.

“Vaulted” seems to be the phrase that replaced “stay tuned for more details” when an item wasn’t in the store/part of an active event.

When we as players think of the word, it usually implies that items were taken away. It’s not good optics to use words that have meaning like this in other titles, and this needs to be clarified. But I’d be willing to stake money that it simply means it’s not currently in the weekly rotation of items.


If you look at the new armour cores in the armory you’ll notice they also say vaulted.

You unlock Rakshasa at Tier 6 of the BP.


Can’t be accurate. There are a bunch of cosmetics that say “Released in Season 1” that were DEFINITELY NOT released in Season 1, due to 343 splitting up bundles. They were supposed to be released in Season 1 but I imagine 343 wouldn’t never release them after missing the window

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This is the first time 343i has used the word “vaulted” so we don’t know exactly how they will treat these items. Bungie used it in Destiny as a fancy word for depreciated or removed. Time will tell what it means here.

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When they reset ranks mid-season the battle pass said Season 2 for a while. Maybe it’s just some incorrect text.