Vaulted cosmetics in the store

As much as people want to see new items, I really wish that there was a way to view and purchase all of the vaulted cosmetics. I missed my chance to get the Desert Splinter coating and I’ve been waiting for it to come back for months. I WANT to buy it., but the current store won’t let me. Is there any way that this can be changed or at least communicate what will be in the store in advance?


Yeah, it’s really stupid how the shop works. Splinter Desert has at least been sold twice. There are also items like the ISR, Enigma, Soldier and Tacticlamp bundles that have only been sold once.

It is probably another UI issue. That is why there are hardly any playlists in Halo Infinite: The UI cannot handle it.

I personally cannot believe why 343 just doesn’t throw in Season 1 shop bundles into a daily rotation. It can earn them money if they want to. But because they don’t do it I feel it HAS to be a UI problem/issue.


I missed out on the ISR bundle too. I’m willing to bet that a good amount of people would buy a season 1 bundle, so I really hate that it’s not available. I hope that they introduce this soon. I’ve been a little out of the loop, what is this about the UI not being able to handle store items?

That will teach you to not look at the store every day.

A lot of people are calling for a reach like armory. And I agree. If I can see it why can’t I purchase it? XP is fine for battle passes but medals should award a creds and prices of things can go back up as long as the way to buy said credits scales properly

It would also allow us to buy what we want, and not get loaded with stuff we don’t want

Yeah there were also a bundle from season 1 that didn’t get released at all which was the defender armor plus some other stuff from season 1 like the Santa hat and reindeer hat and the Easter bunny hat that were leaked that didn’t get released.

They already dod that with the removal of the daily bundle lol

On a serious note i don’t see a reason to launch infinite to see what the store is currently selling when a few content creators gives us updates on what’s in the shop lol

I really would love a way to view and buy items that aren’t currently in the item shop. as some who doesn’t like cod warzone microtransactions, i will give them prop’s for the option to buy any item when ever you want. I am really disappointed in halo’s system because I have missed out on many items I like. an example of these would be firefall, has only been in the shop once.