Vast Open World that is EMPTY after the Story

First off… I hope there is more story. I am probably one of 10 people that will read this that thought the CAMPAIGN was AWESOME. It was a Good Story, it felt more like the Books, granted those came out AFTER Halo CE… so, Bungie followed their narrative. But 343i made me feel like I was playing a BOOK, Kinda like Reach did, where the others are superb games and I will always enjoy them.

ANYWAY… The World… my only real issue is holy crud does it get empty feeling after you beat the game and all the objectives, personally it makes sense, we conquered that section of the ring… but at the same time, I would still like the see the Banished Fight to regain a hold.
There are a number of things I think could’ve made it feel less empty.

After playing some Halo 3: ODST, I noticed that AI Enemies Spawn OFTEN in the “Open City”… I mean, it is smooth, doesn’t feel scripted, sometimes they wander through, feels like Patrols.
Halo Infinite does have some of this, but then there are the drop ships… and drop pods… that tend to always spawn in the same area’s and it feels MEGA Scripted…

I would’ve liked to see some RNG on Drop Ships, Drop Pods, Patrols…
just more of it around the ring section we get to explore on… there are sections/areas that feel so barren of any action and anything to do than try to run through it quick and find some action
As I also have explored every inch of the ring… I do enjoy the views, but I enjoy the combat too…

And on top of the aforementioned ideas, I would’ve also liked to see Patrolling Marines run into Patrolling Banished and start fighting, real firefights, not just the mode (THAT NEEDS TO BE ADDED TO THE GAME!!!) I wouldve also loved to run around into these naturally… similar to the “Rescue the Marines” side objectives in the world, but just a small group of marines and a patrol of a banished just fighting it out. Would love to see that more often than what I see when I wander the ring section.

Anyway, those are some of my ideas to add a little more action to the world, maybe the best way to implement something like this would be to give people “Custom World/Campaign Parameters” so we can set how often we find Banished or Run into Patrols, and all that stuff.

AS WELL AS, I am hoping in the Campaign Co-Op and Mission Replay, is that we can just reactivate them and run into them naturally other than spawning near them like a Mission…
Kinda like how FarCry New Dawn did it, the one good thing they did… you could reactivate bases and then wander up to them whenever you wanted. BUT this is a side point that I am hoping was already covered.


I liked the way you framed that first paragraph, making me think it was something i could’ve wrote.

I’m looking forward to the new achievements because I haven’t touched the campaign since I unlocked them all (haven’t done LASO).


it started feeling empty even before i finished it, they also just make you repeat the same 4 activities ad nauseam, take out outposts, free fobs, kill hvts, rescue marines, it’s incredibly boring!


343 really need to do a campaign overhaul before hitting any DLC and then port the new features into future DLC. I’m not thinking anything story changing, just something to add on top of the content already here. Random ambushes, random banished attacks at the FOB’s you’re at, roaming bosses (like a scarab, lich, or kraken that actually explore the map), Banished doing jobs around the map instead of just standing around looking bored. Hidden bosses in the many caves and cut-content arenas. Putting actual armor into the campaign in some of the empty repeated forerunner rooms that scream “cut content”.

I consistently hop back into breath of the wild because there is always something new to find, and it is fun to see the world be alive as you travel. Infinite is lacking that.


Especially after you unlock the wasp.


That’s just… kinda’ how open world games work, OP. Gotta’ be honest.

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yeah it feels like the wasp does nothing but make the game stupid easy, like there actually is no point to them. it would be cool if there were small banished ships flying around you could either steal or destroy, something definitely bigger than a phantom.

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i think infinites fails the most at this because what other games do is make their worlds feel more “alive” usually with side missions or quests that tell almost a completely different story.


And then things go right back to normal. Never feels like it sticks.

I like FOBs though, they feel important.

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it would’ve added to the feeling like this is an actual open world game and not a half aced piece of crap, but thats exactly what this game is.

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Then why do you post about it so?

It really does feel pretty empty, frankly, throughout the campaign as well. The lack of literally ANY other characters in the world, the lack of any sort of dynamic missions…

Particularly, I have a hard time feeling like the world even exists or is happening when all of the FOBs and marine squads follow the exact same format.


the open world in general in halo infinite is good since you can try a lot off diffrend things and go crazy if you wane my do things that are compleet stupid or you learn new things you can do.

but after few month’s more after the release its only getting faster and more boring to replay the campaing mode.

since now there is really notting new you can do at all since all the easter egg’s have been found.
the stupids crazy things have been try out all.
the few sec’s boss fight’s have been found out all and been try all out.

what i think 343 has done wrong is to add things for the long therm players can do after there compleet the 14 missions destroy all the bunkers and defeat all the HVT’s and looking for easter egg’s and how to defeat some boss’s fast in a few sec’s legaal.
to find something to play in the open world campaign when you have done all of then all is only what is left a boring empty open world more.

from my part there add a system that the destroy bunkers become active again and are heavyer defence with some HVT’s and a campaign story boss with some stat boost’s you most defeat with some other enemy’s that got a small stat boost.

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ODST didn’t feel like you had fewer encounters as you went, you just unlocked more tools to deal with them like Mongooses, Ghosts, Rockets and Snipers. Infinite is fun for the time that you have something to do, but they don’t have the structure that the best missions from older games did. No scarabs, no tank convoys, no marine reinforcements, no gauss or rocket hogs, no variant vehicles despite teasing a variant Chopper in that boss fight… Infinite feels like Halo 1 again, with few options that work with gameplay (take a mongoose instead of a warthog to speed past enemy encounters) instead of against it (take a sniper rifle or two from the free FOBs, climb a cliff that you can’t be reached, and defeat any field boss)

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that’s sort of the point

why you take the long option with a sniper rilfe or warthog or mongoose.
there are much better way’s then a simple sniper rilfe or a warthog / mongoose
use the rezorback and give the power weapons more to the marines and you get the OP combo there is in halo infinite.
that make’s the scorpoin tank compleet useless in the campaign mode.

really you miss then in the campaign i miss then not at all.
since you not need the rocket hog or the gauss hog at all if you can make your own OP version what is 10x time’s stronger then the rocket hog or gauss hog in general.

That’s basically what open world games are like. If you asked for an open world, you asked for this.

what about game’s like: zelda breath of the wild,red dead redemption online and the GTA serie’s and all have a open world setting also.
and for red dead redemption online is still not boring in the open world since a lot off players are still playing it.
same with the GTA 5 that a lot off players still have.

there are all 3 open world game’s and are not empty after you compleet the main story.
since in each off the 3 game’s there are a lot off other things to do after you compleet the main story.

halo infinite is compleet on a diffrend level that after you compleet the main story line there is almost no enemy left only a few are staying on the same place.

and there are more open world game’s that have a open world setting and still do better in content then halo infinite has.


Fair point. But would you care to guess why crafting was removed from Halo Infinite? Halo isn’t about doing busy work. Even the bosses scattered throughout the world have some significance to them. It’s a shame how most of them weren’t in small outposts and were more just scattered around an open field. That’s what outsourcing everything to temporary employees gets you.

You wouldn’t take Doom Eternal and its gameplay mechanics, and then make it open world. It wouldn’t be fun because the gameplay was designed around a different physical environment. Halo Infinite feels empty because it’s trying to be something it isn’t.