Variety in DLC, and how it is handled.

Halo has always had, to say the least, bland DLC. Giving us nothing but extra maps for the 10 or so bucks we spend on them. That’s not to say there aren’t good maps out of the ones they’ve given us, but, I really feel like there should be something more.

I am by no means comparing Halo to Call of Duty here, but I’m going to compare Halo to Call of Duty here. I really feel like the way Treyarch handles DLC is the right way to go about it. I’m speaking purely in terms of content provided, not how it is played. With the DLC given to Black Ops 2, they’ve added new weapons, maps, items in Zombies, and just continued to innovate on the Zombies experience as a whole. I don’t believe, however, that they’ve handled DLC matchmaking very well. This is where my complains come in, for both Halo, and Call of Duty.

DLC should never be a playlist. Ever. It just doesn’t cut it for me. With the short time-span between DLC’s, I only had time to unlock one or two achievements per map pack in Halo 4. Leaving me with about 30 or 40 achievements unclaimed, if I remember correctly, as opposed to the 10 or 20 prior-DLC launch.

I realize my reasoning seems a bit spread at this point, so I’ll TL;DR it. DLC should offer more than just extra maps, and it should be allowed in more than just a playlist after it’s launch. In Halo’s case, weapons shouldn’t be added, (I don’t think) just because it might unbalance the Sandbox, it would only be available in a few maps, it might divide the Custom Games community by making some Customs DLC-only,and you couldn’t really put them on the standard maps, nor campaign. So what could be added? Vehicles. Imagine if the Crimson map pack had given us Hornets or Falcons to pilot! They didn’t put them in at launch, so after seeing the demand for them, they should’ve put them in, right?

Now there’s a few reasons this could work, as opposed to weapons not working. Most vehicles are map-exclusive anyway. You could make maps just designed to fit the purpose of that vehicle, such as BTB maps are designed to support heavy vehicles such as Banshee and Scorpion. So it wouldn’t be all that bad, unlike weapons, which are in every playlist and map. Would it divide the Custom Games community? Maybe. But it would only be more reason to buy the DLC in question.

As far as the handling in Matchmaking goes, I propose a simple fix. Filters. Why not just click a simple button, and have the servers pair you up with others who own DLC (of any kind)? This would mean people who own exclusively Castle maps could get paired up with people who’ve been playing too many Crimson maps,and everyone’s happy. It’s just that simple.

So what do you guys think? How should DLC be handled in Halo Xbox One? Feel free to critique my opinions. Thanks for the read!

I like the ideas. I do like DLC playlists, though. They are good for focusing on achievements and the new maps in general. Even if the population is low. I don’t like weapon DLC. That feels cheap and since weapons are relatively easy to make it feels like we were cheated at launch.