Vanguard Armor - Forerunner Destroyer Version

Hello everyone. I am looking for some tips to unlock the Vanguard armor from the commendation forerunner destroyer. If anyone has unlocked it or has any great tips for me that would be great. I am in need of advice on what missions to play to kill the crawler snipers and knight commanders(I have the least kills on these enemies). I know some of you may say that this set of armor is not worth going for. I am going for it because of the fact that I have never seen anyone with the Vanguard armor and it would be nice to have armor very few people have obtained. (Yes, I know that you can the other version of the armor from CTF mastery but I do not want that version of it). So if anyone is nice enough to give me some tips for the armor it would be a great help. Thanks in advance.

Try these:

For Crawler Sniper if you play Ep 1 Ch 3 there is a Sniper directly opposite you when you spawn. Use the DMR to kill it and then restart the mission. If you do this the previous kill still counts towards the commendation. You can get about [100 kills in 45 mins]( Blues fan/spartanops/match-f87a71a0f1a3ae14) but it’s very boring (you can’t skip the intro animation) so you may not want to do it.

The first mission of Ep.5 has nothing but prometheans of all kinds and rockets, SAW, and snipe. Just do it on Easy.

Should be ~157 kills at the end.

Thanks. This info will really help me out :]