To whom it may concern,

To 343 industries eployees and Halo fans,

PLEASE in the next update, map pack, or DLC release, consider bringing the “V.I.P.” gametype back (as it was in Halo 3) to Halo Reach. ALOT of forums on bungie.net say the same and people are begging for it to be brought back for Custom Game options, and on Multiplayer just throw it into the “Action Sack” playlist. This is something alot of us really want! Bungie was generous enough to re-release “Alpha Zombie”, but had no intrest in “V.I.P.” Not many people are a fan of “Territories” or “Headhunter” and say they’d prefer “V.I.P.” over them. C’mon 343 we’ve seen Bungie bring Alpha Zombie back into play, why can’t you top it off by making a WHOLE new playlist on Reach! I know that you’re certainly capibale of it! It would be your first big thing with the Halo franchise now in your hands! So please, with the Halo franchise in your hands, consider bringing it back. It would be your first big announcement, and you’ll be doing a great portion of the Halo community a big favor. As for Halo fans post your thoughts and comments you may have about the return of “V.I.P.” If you are in favor of the return of V.I.P. comment below “I’m in favor of V.I.P. returning to Halo: Reach.”

Thank you for you cooperation,

I’m going to sound like a noob, but what’s VIP?

It’s Ok, for all future people who don’t know what V.I.P. is: It’s an old Halo 3 gametype where one side has to defend the V.I.P. from dying, and the other trys to kill the V.I.P. There is also another version where you have to escort him to certain checkpoints without him dying. Best place to play: Sandtrap Minimum number of people 4-8.

Sounds fun.

Honestly? The V.I.P. gametype has so much potential, that it could honestly have its own playlist. that potential was not even close to being realized in the Halo 3 version.

Like the guy said before. Each team has one VIP they have to protect and the other team scores points by killing that VIP and vice versa. So its kind of a balance game of both protecting your VIP and killing the enemy VIP. This type of gamemode could incorporate a ton of options.

For example:

Standard VIP: Each team has a VIP and the first team to kill the opposing VIP 10 times wins. ( The VIP can change during the match like last time)

VIP Slayer: Same set up as last time, but killing other players also earns you a point. Kill an enemy and you get +1, but kill the VIP and you get +5. However, every kill the VIP gets he adds +5 to his team. So you could go try and gun down the VIP for some extra points, but if he kills you…he gets 5 points. Its another balance game.

VIP Elimination: Inspired by Gears of War’s Gaurdian mode. While your VIP is alive, you can respawn. After your VIP is dead you get one more life and can not respawn. First to eliminate the opposing team wins.

There are a lot of options here!

I would love for VIP to return. It’s a very fun gametype, and a lot of strategies can be used.

Precisely! There are ALOT of variable customizations in this playlist, and I firmly believe that the Halo community would get very creative! Take a game such as “Protect the President” back in Halo 3. A fan with extraordinary creativity re-created the White House in forge mode, and created a game type to go along with it. I have been scanning through dozens of Bungie.net forums requesting V.I.P.'s return. I think this is a great window of opportunity for 343 Industries to show off their talent, and a great way to kick off their beggining to the new Halo trilogy.