V.4.9 real important feedback to improve the multiplayer halo infinity

v.4.9 - I don’t know English, google translator, maybe you will not understand everything. will be expanded later.

  1. Fast play (small maps)
  • the number of players 5 vs 5. will increase the dynamics of the match and the development of beautiful new maps;
  • time to kill. decrease by -25% (shield). will add more interest and passion to shooting;
  • middle speed of movement and jump height. no need to do high speed and parkour (original is good);
  • small maps. short and medium range collisions between opponents. competent placement of objects on the map;
  • add the mode as in CS/Valorant. Installation and protection of the object. no respawn. by rounds;
  • add an all versus all mode. without allies
  1. Battle of big teams (big maps)
  • the number of players is 14 vs 14 or 13 vs 13;
  • original time to kill (no changes);
  • team battle with respawn (already in the game);
  • add an all versus all mode. without allies;
  • add the ability to spawn vehicles of your choice. with a cooldown to avoid spam and the same technique. it will also allow you to customize your vehicle in the garage;
  • included in the ranked mode at the request of the user. to choose from (optional).
  1. PVE mode. contains small missions or special operations. for 1-3 players. you can add small portions of stories there. can be linked to a Battle Pass. free and paid rewards for walkthrough.

General recommendations

  • Requires a 60-reward Battle Pass. this will lower development costs, increase the speed and quality of rewards (100 = trash);
  • melee damage of guns decrease by -30/35% or lower the speed of the second hit (close combat);
  • system of pumping and progress of the account. partly it does: daily and weekly challenges and battle pass;
  • different playable characters. will increase interest and the ability to create customizations;
  • save daily and weekly challenges. tell its conditions and give the opportunity to choose a mode for its implementation;
  • new “battle pass”. don’t make the “battle pass” too easy and fast (reinforce in the future);
  • Old “battle pass”. increase the speed of progress and save a booster for archive BP;
  • keeping the minimum number of weapons in the game. very slowly introduce new weapons. this is necessary to save the game core and balance;
  • if a lot of weapons are gathered. you can rotate availability by seasons;
  • it is desirable to make a clan system. clan chat. playing together in a party;
  • completely independent, standalone multiplayer client. maximum protection against hacking and mods;
  • massive disconnect/crashes. add the ability to reconnect to a match or add a new player;
  • disable the execution of challenges for the battle pass in the ranked mode;
  • don’t leave beta status until early next year;
  • filter feedback. a large amount of feedback can be stupid or sabotage with a bad purpose.

Alternative option (not necessary):

  • Fast game mode (5 vs 5): 1) similar to classic shooters (CS/Valorant). low ttk, no respawn, by rounds. 2) team deathmatch (Slayer)
  • Battle of big teams: 12 vs 12, team battle with respawn (already in the game).

version 5+ will be final.
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I really strongly disagree with almost everything you said about the gameplay. 4v4 is plenty hectic enough, TTK is already too short, definitely needs to be longer, no lesser (living is fun, getting kills is just redundant if you always die every time).

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