USSR Base Infiltration

The map name is in the title if you wish to download it. The gamemode which I also made is called ‘Infiltration’.

THE AIM OF THE GAME: The attacking team must make it past the defending team without being killed. Te attacking team must make it past 2 outposts before reaching the main base with the nuke detonator which ends the game and the attackers win instantly if the terminal is activated.
The defenders are restricted to main paths, outposts and the main base, they can NOT go into the forest arra but they can still spot and shoot attackers in that area. They can be seen in yellow and red uniforms (colours of the USSR). The defenders must patrol the area and shoot any trespassers.
Upon death the player would be put in the death zone until the round ends.
Extra note: ONLY the attacking team can activate the nuke.

THE MAP: This map I put a good 8-9 hours work into with my full efforts and skills, it is set in the snowy mountains and the map has a LOT of cover such as trees, sandbags, rocks and much more! The defending spawn has teleporters labelled C1 C2 C3 and B, here is what they all stand for…
C1: Checkpoint 1
C2: Checkpoint 2
C3: Checkpoint 3 (outside main base)
B: Base (Inside with the vehicles)

Here is some screenshots:
Outside main base:

Checkpoint 2:

Attacker’s spawn:

Map waypoint link:

Any bug reports or errors please report it to me :wink:
Any questions pls ask :wink:
Have fun and enjoy the map :wink:

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nice map love it

I thought this was gonna be some random clan thing…this is way more awesome.

best map ever

and the game mode