Using up SPARTAN IIs

Hey Halo Nation, There is a finite amount of operational SPARTAN IIs, each with the capacity to have a badass legacy. Why does creators of canon use them as redshirt characters? Its a total waste.

-The Package: Arthur and Solomon (wasted)

  • Halo: Reach: Jorge (cool death)
  • The Babysitter: Cal (came out of nowhere and died)

Or SPARTANs that are used once which could be reused again instead of making new SPARTAN II characters and messing with the canon of 33 (if my memory serves me) Or using up great character opportunities.

  • Grey Team another opportunity

Instead of creating new characters like Naomi, they should have had Cal 141 survive and fill that role. Physically their identical and I get the same vibe.

Lemme get your ideas and opinions!

Thanks guys


Spartans aren’t invincible, on deployments some are going to be lost, regardless of how good they are. There’s nothing wrong with introducing some Spartans only to kill them off, it makes things all the more “holy -Yoink-!”…if a Spartan actually dies, then you know it’s bad.

And as for the number, there are anywhere from 33 up to 73 (Roland escaped and went missing and Osman we know couldn’t be brought up to the level of a Spartan II despite being fully repaired and being able to live a normal life) Spartan IIs around. About 27-29 were on Reach when it fell, but the actual number of Spartans IIs isn’t a set number. 33 made it out of augmentations fully whole and without any sort of defects or anything, but the numbers grew after that because Halsey and whatever sort of team or teams she assembled afterward worked to revive the ones who had died and repair those who’d been maimed in various ways by the augmentations. Some obviously couldn’t be repaired to the point of being an actual Spartan (like Captain Osman in Glasslands), but others could be.

That was some awesome insight man! Though I’d have to disagree on that 'oh ‘shxt’ factor. Having simple redshirt characters makes SPARTANs less special, making their deaths less emotional.

Contrasting Jorge’s death to the deaths in The Package for example, Jorge was given a backstory and a small amount of screen time, which made his death feel more appropriate than Arthur’s or Solomon’s.

Mind you I thought both scenes were an untter waste of characters.

Samuel’s death and Kurt’s felt far more warranted.

Edit: Also your point on casualties, SPARTANs being tough but not invincible was well thought out. Master Chief’s antics may be deluding what I expect from SPARTANs. Haha

In order for the master chief to be the “lucky one” they have to have unlucky ones. Halo was always meant to be more of a tragedy, even if the MC just kind of waltzed through H2 doing far more than the original ‘capture prophet’ plan with just a handfull of marines and a frigate.

H1-3 also tended to refer to John-117 eroneously as the last spartan. While this is generally proven wrong plenty as is, atleast if most are dead it can be close to right.

It also helps make telling short stories more interesting. If every bit of media was just watching a spartan clean the floor with the covenant, then the coveneant just look weak and plot is predictable.

That all being said, until recently I actually thought Naomi was the spartan from the babysitter, because I forgot that Cal died.

I wouldnt call Jorge nor Cal’s death’s red-shirt style though, and most spartans don’t (the 2 from the package are closer). Red-shirts usually exist to show how powerful something is without having to wound/kill any of the main characters.

Janx, well said!

It seems I need to brush up on the earlier fiction to get a better grip!

What brought this topic to my attention was this

I feel like 343i needs to be wary of wasting a finite story resource. (I am aware that wasn’t 343i’s work)

Though the ‘tragedy’ aspect of the SPARTAN lore, wouldn’t that be more intense and worthy if there are more deaths in situations which simple exceed a SPARTAN’s parameters. Like Will’s or Kurt’s?