Usher's performance at E3

Ok this is what I don’t understand and it kind of shames me. The entire time Usher was dancing, the crowd is like /yawn. Dance Central is catered to the normal crowd of gamers. Not the Hardcore, you have your hardcore crowd, your normal crowd and then your childlike crowd. Why the hell does this new generation of gamers not want -Yoink- to do with nothing that is Harcore? Nintendos Games like Zelda and Pokemon are an exception. Then you know the funny thing. Some of the Sony fans enjoyed it more then the Xbox fans did. Usher is a very good artist don’t get me wrong. But when he does a gameplay demo for Dance Central, everyone gives him the middle finger. What the hell is wrong with this generation of gamers?

They probably just don’t find it interesting. Different people like different things.

I didn’t like it because the game he’s advertising is crap.

Personally, Im just not a fan of Usher but there still is no reason to be rude towards him, Its not like he’s Justin Beiber or anything… then again he did discover beiber… perhaps thats why he got the middle finger?

And what do you have against Justin Bieber? I don’t think he’s interacted with you in a negative way.

I wasn’t exactly impressed with Usher’s performance, something felt lacking…

Oh it was just a joke. Im not a fan of Justin Beiber nor would I have enjoyed a performance by him at E3.

I miss old Usher. Does anyone else remember when he disappeared for ever then came back???
I still remember his old stuff when I still liked mainstream music as a kid, my favorite of course being YEAH! Oh little john, you still crack me up.