Users Tampering With IP Addresses

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I had the luxury of playing against two individuals who threatened me by saying they would “hack” my IP and kick me offline, which they did, two times. They even messaged me saying I was going to be reset and once I read it about 20 seconds later I was kicked from the games in which I was playing at those times.

Anyone else who has had this happen to them please feel free to write their gamertag down or post a complaint.

My first complaints on these two…


see u jockIN PJ

It’s against the rules to call people out by name on these forums.
Just sayin

They can’t hack an ip-adress.

Not by there gamer tag

Contact X-box live and give as much detail as you can, also file a complaint via the dashboard. Hopefully they will get banned. Don’t post any gamertags here though as it’s against the rules for obvious reasons.