User is banned!?!?!

I’m banned from ranked because I quit a match because my hud disappeared? F this game if this how you guys are going to run this. Fix the f’ing bugs so I don’t have to quit at the beginning of a game.
Yes, I am extremely pissed off.


It only lasts five minutes for the first time

That’s what she said, I hope she was exaggerating

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Let’s not be generous now

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I didn’t know it was only 5 minutes .And you lose a whole rank. This is BS, I get f’d because of a bug. Thanks 343. I was loving this game. But this pissed me off.

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I mean, the BR has an ammo counter, so if you can make do (or communicate that with your team) you’d be fine

That doesn’t help with the shield display or the crosshair.

Communicate??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! your joking right? there’s no communcation in game with randoms…


The banhammer is usually designed to avoid repeated bad behavior. A general advice in order to avoid matchmaking bans is to avoid quitting in general and only quit in the rare instances when it’s absolutely necessary.

On the other hand, I don’t have any clue about how the banhammer works exactly as I do very rarely play matchmaking and when I do play, I do very rarely quit games. In addition to that, it’s not always a good advice for 343 Industries to reveal exactly how the banhammer functions as that could open up the floodgates for wider abuse of the banhammer than seen in the current state of the game.


Hold your three lines, if its ranked they’ll at least have a way of knowing why you left

Your point is true though, you can generally leave a match early (even in ranked) once before a ban

Dude, really. You play can’t competitively without a HUD.

Thanks for the advice.

i’ve never heard anyone use the voice chat in this game…

Some psychopaths play the entire story of master chief on legendary without their hud