User is banned. Separate the game modes

343 if you aren’t going to let us completely select game modes we want to play, don’t punish us for backing out of a game mode we don’t want to play. I have 12 hours to complete 3 challenges and YOU made a challenge where I have to win 3 Stockpile matches, which are only in BTB. There are several other game modes, I should not get punished for trying to complete a challenge you put in the game.

Side note, get rid of the challenge swaps, people will pay for 2x Exp boosts and lvl ups in order to progress. Make everything give us xp, make it low, make it 1 to 5 to 10 if you want to make it simple, but get rid of this challenge only system. Playing a game feeling like I did really good just to find that I only got 50 xp because I didn’t get any challenge done, is abysmal.